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Discussion: correction Texte

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    mars 2008

    Post correction Texte

    bonjour, je viens de faire un texte en anglais et je dois passer demain a l'orale. Alors si vous voyez des fautes ou des phrases mal dites, faite moi signe, merci beaucoup.

    So you must know that the last year, Haiti be subjected to a succession of tragedy. We speak about tragedy because this country is in a seismic where and because the highest of the drama have been dramatic on Haitian people who live in one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world. In 2010 they must (to) face up to unstable situation with political and environmental problems.
    Indeed, on January 12, earthquake rocked Haiti, reducing the capital Port-au-Prince to rubble and causing the death of more than 300 000 people and a lot of injured. The earthquake was terribly strong, with 7.0 in magnitude and certainly seemed the most cataclysmic. Cities were devastated, buildings ramshackle, people became homeless and pass their time to try to rebuild. International donors promised (an unprecedented amount of aid to Haiti that is) $5.3 billion at March 2010 donor’s conference; but reconstruction envisioned at the conference, has barely begun. In result, 810 persons sleep still out every night.
    Concerning the earthquake itself, it was causing by the collision of the Caribbean and North American plates. The epicenter was located approximately at 59km of Port-au-Prince; and the initial quake was later followed by twelve aftershocks greater than magnitude 5.0. The Haiti’s disaster show that people can gather in tragic situation to act together. Those events reinforce the solidarity who is very important in our society because we are all in the same boat/ in this together and together we can move mountains.
    Besides, the cholera epidemic has already been 4 131 deaths in the country, since its emergence in mid-October according to the Department of Public Health and Population. Since Nov. 16, conflicts broke out after the issue of peacekeepers, accused of spreading cholera; the small town of Mirebalais which houses a database of Nepalese peacekeepers was one of the first affected by the bacteria cholera. In addition, the type of cholera developed, is the same strain as that which was in Nepal a few months ago.
    An epidemic, imported from Nepal, affected soldiers from this quota. Their droppings, have been discharged ‘in huge quantities” by the company responsible for empty septic tanks based in Nepal, in the Artibonite River, contaminating the water used by people in surrounding communities. It was a serious case which has spread very rapidly and infected more than 40 000 people.
    Like say the expression: Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.
    I finish with a thought for the Japanese who have been rock by a massive earthquake 9.0 magnitude causing damage with blackouts, fire and tsunami.

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    septembre 2007

    Par défaut

    Il faut être très optimiste pour poster un message à 20h29 afin d'obtenir une correction pour le lendemain !

    J'espère que ton oral s'est bien passé...

    Une seule correction, qui pourra t'être utile plus tard. On ne dit pas "Like say the expression:", mais "As the saying goes:"



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