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Discussion: Expression écrite

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    octobre 2009

    Par défaut Expression écrite

    Bonjour à tous, pendant les vacances je dois faire une expression écrite, là n'est pas le problème. Mais le gros soucis, c'est que moi et les fautes sa fait deux. Donc si vous pouviez m'aider j'en serais ravis .

    1) Dominic is a 17 years-old young boy, stemming from a modest family. He dreams to become a professional of recognized baseball all over the world. Unfortunately, his father seemes reluctant in this idea.

    Dominic dreams can practise the baseball at high level because he wishes 5)to become a celebrity, to be somebody of recognized and respected. He wants to make of his passion his profession. But behind that, hides I think the envy of not to reproduce the sam pattern that his father. The envy to escap from the poverty in which he lives since a long time is stronger that everything. If he owes meeting obstacles, it won't stop him. He won't follow 10)the crowd as the others. He has only objective, to become a big of the baseball. The unknown doesn't frighten him. He has the ambition, will to arrive. However his father considers that it isn't correct. He thinks that his son has no future in the baseball and that the success is only ephemeral. (D'après lui?) his son isn't enough hard, and won't make weight against the others
    15)because they are like iron. These men are pitiless and will make only dumb by Dominic. His father has numerous prejudices on the baseball and these that plays it. But I'm convinced that the father compares him when he was young. It blames himself certainly not to have believed in these dreams in his youth and not to have dream to the end of this ambitions. The situation
    20)between father and son is very tense. Dominic stadns up to his father. In the future, we can imagine two situations very diferents one of the other one. Indeed, Dominic become a star of the baseball, or he finished as his father; But to my mind, Dominic will become a profesisional of baseball, because he is very ambitious and because he wants to fulfil her dream.

    25) I think really that the relatives should let their children realize their dreams, even if they look unrealistic.



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